Tiny Plant… Big Joy

I’ve hinted before that I’m a passionate girl. Along the same lines, I’m a constant joy seeker. The two go hand in hand as my passions so often lead to abundant joy. When life takes those unexpected (and seemingly frequent) turns towards hardship and pain, I’m the first person to dig up even the tiniest specks of joy from the depths of darkness.

On the bad days, the first place you should look for me is the river. If I’m not there, check the garden section of Lowes. No, really. You’ll probably find me there standing in front of the shelves of succulents. I could stand there for hours, if  we’re being honest.

You see, I’m fascinated by all things tiny. Tiny humans (aka babies). Tiny trinkets. Tiny animals. And especially tiny plants.I dare you to tell me that tiny plants don’t bring you joy.

Recently, during one of our daily  rare trips to target, Angelica and I spotted the biggest blessing in the clearance aisle. It called my name from a mile away.

Meet Namron!img_2580

Namron (Norman backwards, if you didn’t catch that) was adopted into the Ally-household with more love than a tiny plant could ever need. He definitely has a wild side, and we have to keep our eyes on him constantly- and not just because he’s so dang cute! You see, he lives on a table next to my door (he’s a guard plant!) next to my “genie lamp” (touch the base to turn on). Any time Namron is left unattended, we come home to find that genie lamp has been turned on or off. Sneaky tiny thing!

Now that you’ve met Namron, please enjoy our Newborn Tiny Plant Photoshoot!

With all the love,

A & Namron

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