Quoted: Loved

A few months ago when I first moved into my own apartment, I was in desperate need of more decorations. The best friend and I had a craft night, and this was one of the resulting masterpieces:


Upon seeing it, one of my sweet friends requested her own to put on her cross wall in her apartment. Her colors are gray and yellow, and she chose her own quote too…

“You were made to be loved”


Here’s the thing: this quote + this friend = perfection.

This is the same friend that inspired the quote “…and you never will be.” This friend is probably the most intentionally loving person I have ever come across, and I’m sure that she has genuinely looked into the eyes of dozens of humans and told them directly “YOU were made to be loved.”

I know that I can undoubtedly say that she’s the first person to remind me of the love that she (and Jesus!) has for me.

No matter the circumstance, no matter the day, the most important reminder is simply that you were made to be loved. That’s all.

With all the love,




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