Dear New York City

I miss you.IMG_2993

I miss you, and the way you make me feel so perfectly small and humble.

I’m missing the constant noise and movement that would send my mind into overdrive back home, but instead opens my senses to the beauty of the world around me on every street corner in the city.

I miss the smells of street food, coffee and cigarette smoke that burns its way into my naïve little soul.

I miss being unknown by the masses, and I miss the wonder of your people.

I miss the languages, the accents, and the dialects that evolve from block to block.

I miss your sunsets from rooftops above and your darkness in the tunnels below.

I miss the contrast, the instability within your routine.

I miss your people. My people. Our people.

I miss you.IMG_2966

With all the love,


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