Friendship Friday: with a twist

Happy Friday! Sorry for missing you here on Wednesday – someday you’ll here about the roller coaster I’ve been riding this week. But in the mean time, I want you to meet one of my favorite people: Jenna!

Normally on Friendship Friday, my friends answer 4 questions to give you an inside look at our friendship and all of it’s quirks. This week, I’d rather introduce you to little J myself. Our friendship is so much different than most, and our relationship is one that definitely can’t be summed up in 4 questions.

As you know, I have a disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome…. So does Jenna. Back in the winter of 2015, I was sent to the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation to be admitted to the Pediatric Pain Management Program… So was Jenna. That’s right: we met in the hospital because we were both fighting a seemingly impossible battle against an ugly disease.

We spent only 3 weeks together in the hospital before I was discharged and sent back to Texas. She stayed in Cleveland another 6 weeks before heading home to Canada. We’ve only gotten closer since that day, through texting and social media. Jenna and I share life’s ups and downs together in a way that no one else understands.We’ve literally seen each other go from wheelchairs to running, and every milestone in between. Not a lot of people can say that – and there’s no one in this world I’d rather do the rehab life with than my J.

Here’s the biggest secret to this friendship: Jenna is 8 years younger than me. When we met, she was the age that I was when I got sick. The reason our little hearts are so bonded is because she is the image of Little Ally. Our lives are pretty parallel – from our pre-sick days as dancers, to our post-rehab days as advocates and passionate dreamers. Jenna is simply 8 years behind me on this life journey, and I’m so honored the Lord chose me to hold her hand through it all.

Jenna keeps me laughing. She keeps me thinking. She keeps me hoping. She’s a bundle of joy, wrapped with a ribbon of grace. Bonded by pain, but secure in Jesus. That’s our friendship in a nutshell.

I want the world to know that friends like J exist. Age is just a number, and this friendship is forever.

I want to share a J story real quick: The last time I saw J, I surprised her at the Clinic during my 6 week follow up. She had no idea I was in town. Together, we walked down the hospital hallway hand-in-hand…. Something we never thought would happen. Forever my favorite walk with my girl. 

A year and a half after meeting: J & I are both doing so well. The Little One amazes me every day with the things she accomplishes (homegirl plays badminton and jumps into swimming pools!!!!). I’m a full time college student (I was a dropout during my treatment). We love life, but more importantly- we love life together.

With all the love,

A & J

Friendship Friday: Annie

Happy Friday, we finally made it to the weekend! This week I’m introducing you to the longest friendship I’ve ever had: Leigh Anne (aka Annie). I’ve known Annie literally for my entire life, considering that she is my older sister. We have a brother between us in age, and unlike most siblings, the three of us are the best of friends and have been for 20 years and counting. Annie lives in NYC and loves all things sweet, and hates all things outdoors. She introduced me to my love of dance at a young age, as well as my love of books and writing. She taught me how to speak sarcasm, and how to roll my eyes. I owe her all the gratitude in the world for that.

Meet my sister!!!

Brunch is the most important meal of the day

What was your first impression of Ally?

I was pleased that she was a girl, and cried much much less than Steve had when he was a baby. (Did I mention Ally’s my little sister? I was 6 when she came around.) Growing up, I think we had a pretty typical sister relationship, but we’ve really gotten close as teenagers and adults. At first, I thought she was equally adorable and annoying.

What is your favorite friendship quirk?

I feel like Ally and I have our own language- emojis or memes that mean certain things to us, and a sarcastic tone that is pretty unique to our family, if not just the two of us. I love that I can send her a string of ladybug emojis and that it says things that words can’t, but she knows exactly what that sentiment is. And no, we won’t tell you.

What do you value most in this friendship?

I can tell Ally anything, and often do. In thirty seconds our conversation can go from “this hilarious thing just happened” to “I’m feeling sad today” and back again, in a way that doesn’t happen with anyone else. And since she’s known me her whole life, she knows a lot of my secrets and stories and the context to my emotions – which gives her a unique perspective when I need advice (and I hope the reverse is true as well!). Ally and I also wear a lot of matching outfits which is fun for the obvious reason and also because it drives our mother crazy, even though she makes most of our matching outfits.

Our mom just made us these matching dresses, assuming we would never be seen in public together but NOPE HERE WE ARE

What is your favorite friendship memory?

Since we haven’t lived near each other for almost half of her life, I really value the times that Ally and I get to spend together (even though, as you’ve read, she’s an excellent long distance bestie.) When she came to NYC last year (click that link, you won’t regret it) it was the first time we’d really hung out since she had gone to college and started to really grow into her adult self. Those five days riding the subway, eating ice cream and looking at the skyline were a really special chance for us to get to know each other as grown-ups and start to get a glimpse of what our relationship will look like in the future.

With all the love,

A & Annie

Friendship Friday: Drea

Happy Friday, friends! This week I want you to meet the bestie of all besties: Andrea. Drea, as I most commonly call her, was my very first friend at Texas State two years ago. When we met, we were both physically impaired (I was on a walker, she was on crutches) and battling through the hardest biology class this college has to offer. Drea and I have had to say “Goodbye for now” way too many times- between the two of us we have two transfers, one drop out, and six major changes under our belt. We are currently living 45 minutes away from each other, and yet she remains my most loyal and constant friend.

So, meet my favorite forever Bobcat!

Our latest dramatic goodbye- the last day we lived in the same city together (May 2016)

What was your first impression of Ally?

Wow, how do I start…? I crutched into Ally’s life two years ago, which doesn’t really seem real to me. I feel as if I have known my home gurl since forever ago. I digress though. When I met her, I just thought she was an ordinary girl on a walker. I truly didn’t actually get a real opinion of her until much later when we actually became friends. At first, I just thought of her as a potential friend, and maybe a study buddy. In all actuality I just thought of Ally as the typical girl with the A type personality. We were extremely different, which in the beginning made me sort of nervous. She was sort of intimidating to be honest. Even so, she was actually the first friend that I made at Texas State. She and her walker walked into my life when I really needed her the most.

What is your favorite friendship quirk?

Ally and I do a lot of weird things together. For me to say that there’s a particular favorite quirk is hard. But if I had to pick something from our friendship that is completely unique, and extremely weird to us, is our morbid humor with a dash of cutesy attitude. I adore the way that Ally and I speak in the same tone of sarcasm. I’m pretty sure a lot of people would find our conversations disturbing in some ways. Even so, we don’t give a hot damn. We have bonded over humor, and I think it’s freaking hilarious. Which is why I voted for Ally as the future dictator of the modern world.

What do you value most in this friendship?

Now this is the thing, Ally is a hot mess. I’m a hot mess. We both come together to form the most amazing mess anyone has ever seen. We are so different in so many ways, but at the same we are so alike it’s scary. Ally gets me. Really, she does. Which is something I can only say about a very small group of people. I truly believe that the main thing I love about my relationship with Ally is how easily I can actually come to her with anything. I find it so refreshing that Ally won’t sugar coat anything. She is always honest with me, and she’s not afraid to tell me when I’m wrong. She gives me new insight, and she gets me thinking. With her I always learn something new, which is something that I extremely value.

What is your favorite friendship memory?

Let’s go back in time, to our freshman year at Texas State. When the air was heavy with moisture, and the weather was cold. The setting was Chautauqua, Ally’s dorm, the night before she left me that first time. (Edited to add: we knew at this point that I (Ally) would not be returning to TXST in the spring of 2015 due to my health. This was our first “see you later” night.) This was the night that cemented our friendship. We talked for hours, made fun of ourselves for the events that led up to our Bio final, talked about our problems, and more importantly we made the promise that we wouldn’t be separated by anything. Whenever I think of this night my heart fills with this amazing nostalgic feeling of love. So much was going wrong for me back then, but Ally truly made me forget about those things. Back when we made the promise of seeing each other again, I don’t think I saw how amazing our friendship would eventually become. Ally and I are no longer in the same city. We have been separated before. Even so that night reminds me that no matter what, we are always together. We have overcome so many things, even when we were hundreds of miles apart. Which is why that’s my favorite memory of Ally, because it reminds me of how far we’ve travelled, and how much we’ve grown together.

The first of many cherished reunions in our favorite part of San Antonio

With all the love,

A & Drea

Friendship Friday: Angelica

It’s finally Friday here at Teaspoon of Sprinkles, and that means we get to celebrate one of my favorite things: Friendship! Each Friday, I’ll introduce you to another one of my favorite humans by sharing their answers to four of the most insightful questions.

This week, I want to start by introducing you to my very best friend: Angelica. You’ll be hearing a lot about her from here on out, because we are essentially together all day every day. To the world we are known as A&A, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A little history: We met by the grace of God on the first night of Young Life club at Texas State University on September 7, 2015. A year later, we are both Young Life Leaders serving on the college team. This is definitely a friendship perfectly crafted by the Lord, and we are the most grateful for His purpose and intentionality in this friendship.

So, Meet my other half!

If you’re looking for us, check the river first

What was your first impression of Ally?

“When I first met Ally, I was struggling with extreme social anxiety. I didn’t know anyone, and Ally was literally the first person I met at Texas State. I was more focused on trying to keep a casual conversation going, rather than focusing on Ally and our potential friendship. After the awkward getting to know you phase, I realized that Ally was really nice and fun to be around and that this friendship would go somewhere. So I decided to go have dinner with her the night we met, even though I really just wanted to go hide in my dorm. I don’t really know when it went from awkward to fun, but she’s a cool person and really nice and a really good friend.”

What’s your favorite Friendship quirk?

“We have so many! I think my favorite friendship quirk is our tortellini dance party nights. Basically last year we used to make tortellini while staying by ourselves at our Young Life leader’s house, and depending on our mood we would either watch a movie or have a dance party. Our music choices ranged from pop to Jesus music, but almost always we ended up cleaning the entire apartment while dancing at 1 AM. (You’re welcome, YL leader)”

What do you value most in this friendship?

“Ally. Just Kidding. I mean, there isn’t really one specific thing because I value so much. I value how open our friendship is, and how we tell each other everything. I value Ally’s listening skills, and all of the advice that we give each other. I value how quick we are to be there for each other. I value our crazy Target and Hobby Lobby trips. All of the valuable things are rushing through my head! I value how we can go from totally funny to totally serious in a matter of seconds, and tell each other anything without getting hurt, and I value our honesty.”

What is your favorite friendship memory?

“Favorite memory? So many! I think my favorite friendship memory was that one crazy night we decided to go hike in the woods behind our YL leader’s apartment at 10 PM. I think the one thing that pulled us into the woods that late was Jesus- He was calling us that night. So, we packed Ally’s bag with our bibles and headed for the trail. We had been a few times before, but this time we wanted to go to this pond in the middle of a clearing where you could see the stars so vividly. It was just so calm and serene. I remember walking along the trail and being on edge, because, you know, it’s the woods at 10 PM- but as soon as we got to the pond and opened our bibles, all of the fear was gone. It was awesome to be in that moment with Ally and just experience Jesus together after a hard day.”IMG_0791

With all the love,