Friendship Friday: Angelica

It’s finally Friday here at Teaspoon of Sprinkles, and that means we get to celebrate one of my favorite things: Friendship! Each Friday, I’ll introduce you to another one of my favorite humans by sharing their answers to four of the most insightful questions.

This week, I want to start by introducing you to my very best friend: Angelica. You’ll be hearing a lot about her from here on out, because we are essentially together all day every day. To the world we are known as A&A, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. A little history: We met by the grace of God on the first night of Young Life club at Texas State University on September 7, 2015. A year later, we are both Young Life Leaders serving on the college team. This is definitely a friendship perfectly crafted by the Lord, and we are the most grateful for His purpose and intentionality in this friendship.

So, Meet my other half!

If you’re looking for us, check the river first

What was your first impression of Ally?

“When I first met Ally, I was struggling with extreme social anxiety. I didn’t know anyone, and Ally was literally the first person I met at Texas State. I was more focused on trying to keep a casual conversation going, rather than focusing on Ally and our potential friendship. After the awkward getting to know you phase, I realized that Ally was really nice and fun to be around and that this friendship would go somewhere. So I decided to go have dinner with her the night we met, even though I really just wanted to go hide in my dorm. I don’t really know when it went from awkward to fun, but she’s a cool person and really nice and a really good friend.”

What’s your favorite Friendship quirk?

“We have so many! I think my favorite friendship quirk is our tortellini dance party nights. Basically last year we used to make tortellini while staying by ourselves at our Young Life leader’s house, and depending on our mood we would either watch a movie or have a dance party. Our music choices ranged from pop to Jesus music, but almost always we ended up cleaning the entire apartment while dancing at 1 AM. (You’re welcome, YL leader)”

What do you value most in this friendship?

“Ally. Just Kidding. I mean, there isn’t really one specific thing because I value so much. I value how open our friendship is, and how we tell each other everything. I value Ally’s listening skills, and all of the advice that we give each other. I value how quick we are to be there for each other. I value our crazy Target and Hobby Lobby trips. All of the valuable things are rushing through my head! I value how we can go from totally funny to totally serious in a matter of seconds, and tell each other anything without getting hurt, and I value our honesty.”

What is your favorite friendship memory?

“Favorite memory? So many! I think my favorite friendship memory was that one crazy night we decided to go hike in the woods behind our YL leader’s apartment at 10 PM. I think the one thing that pulled us into the woods that late was Jesus- He was calling us that night. So, we packed Ally’s bag with our bibles and headed for the trail. We had been a few times before, but this time we wanted to go to this pond in the middle of a clearing where you could see the stars so vividly. It was just so calm and serene. I remember walking along the trail and being on edge, because, you know, it’s the woods at 10 PM- but as soon as we got to the pond and opened our bibles, all of the fear was gone. It was awesome to be in that moment with Ally and just experience Jesus together after a hard day.”IMG_0791

With all the love,






Teaspoon of Sprinkles

You may think I’m only two posts deep into the blogging world, but I assure you I’m not. Teaspoon of Sprinkles is a space I’ve been dreaming of for years, and creating for months. The launch of this site on Monday was a day I never expected to see, quite honestly. I thought the planning stages would never end. The dreams would never stop. The time would never be right.

Well, the time is finally right. And I am so so so glad to welcome you into this new journey.

Here’s a little history of Teaspoon of Sprinkles:

You already know that I’m a writer. Blogging is in my blood. My mom runs a website/creativity blog, and I introduced you to my sister’s blog earlier. I had my first taste of blogging while running a Caringbridge site during the thick of my illness in 2010. Nearly a year ago, I was asked to contribute blog posts to a website dedicated to chronic pain. I’m known for long and meaningful Instagram captions. Sharing my thoughts with the world via the Internet feels natural, and it was time for all those thoughts to have a home.

Enter: Ricky.

About six months ago, not knowing that I was dreaming of my own blogging platform, my dad named my blog. Here’s the thing though- the name he came up with is not the name you see. Unfortunately, his idea was taken. Teaspoon of Sprinkles is the most natural variation of his original suggestion.

So, why Teaspoon of Sprinkles?

Well let’s start with the easy part: Sprinkles. I’m a girl of color, in every way. Sprinkles are like edible glitter to me, and I can’t get enough. Last year, I was known for ALWAYS having a jar of rainbow sprinkles in my purse, ready to brighten up any and every meal, ice cream cone, and milkshake. Sprinkles are what we call “An Ally Quirk,” of which there are many. My mom used to tell us “Sprinkles are for winners,” but I’m here today to tell you that you’re all winners, and you all deserve ALL of the sprinkles. You’re welcome.

Now, teaspoon. First of all, tea parties are not just for three year olds, I can assure you of that. Tea will never fail to warm my heart (unless it’s iced, of course!). You could also say that the word teaspoon ties into my love of baking- If you haven’t binge watched Great British Baking Show on Netflix yet, please do that tonight, and please fall in love with sweet Norman.

It’s the “spoon” part of teaspoon that proves to be the most significant, for reasons that many of you may have never expected. In fact, spoons are so near and dear to my heart that this explanation is deserving of its own post.

So, come back Monday to find out why I’m so in love with your favorite soup-eating-utensil. I promise it’ll change your perspective in all of the eye-opening ways.

With all the love,


A Writer

I’m a writer.

Here’s the thing about me being a writer, though: I’ve always hated English and writing intensive classes. Both of my siblings are journalists, one of which being a writer by trade (catch her spreading some genuine delight over on her corner of the internet). They were always the English and history kids in our family, while I excelled in math and science.

When I reached the end of high school and found myself unable to contain the words pouring out of me and onto paper, I was shocked. I didn’t tell anyone that I was writing. No one even knew that I had a journal, or that I had dozens of word documents saved on my computer.

As I’ve grown older and learned more about myself, I discovered that writing was so much easier than verbal communication. I’m pretty good at holding my own in a conversation, good enough to trick the world (and myself) into thinking I was an extrovert for 18 years, but when it comes down to the words that need to be said- the hard-truths, the important reminders, the unavoidable emotions (good and bad)- those are most easily communicated in writing.

It was no surprise to my people when I agreed to start my own blog- in fact, they begged encouraged me to do it. While talking with a friend a few months ago (while drugged up in the ER, nonetheless) she stopped me mid sentence to ask if I had a blog. I told her to stay tuned for that, and now here we are.

So, what can you expect from me here? Well, to be honest, I’d rather you not expect anything at all, that way you’ll never be disappointed (an important life lesson that I just recently learned)! Instead, I’ll tell you that my intentions are to use this as a space to offer insight into all aspects of my life- obviously that means the life of being chronically sick and the abundant lessons and experiences that come with any diagnosis, but also the life of a college girl following Jesus into uncharted territory and finding identity in Him along the way.

Fair warning: I’m a broken human.

Spoiler alert: so are you.

But that’s what’s beautiful about this life here on Earth: We all get to be broken together. After all, it’s those broken cracks that let the light shine through.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Ram Dass. He says “We’re all just walking each other home.” This life here on Earth is just an avenue to our final destination in Eternity, and we’re lucky enough to get to share in the twists and turns of that journey together.

So, join me here on that walk. Lets do life together. If you’re here, reading this, I want you to know I’m happy to have you. I hope you stick around. I want you to know that you’re never alone. I’m always here. And I want you to know that you’re loved beyond comprehension. Just trust me on that one.

With all the love,